PFINDER Automotive

PFINDER corrosion protection solutions for fully and semi-automated production processes at car manufacturers, suppliers and the aftersales market.

PFINDER Solution Provider

Our aim is to achieve optimum coating results

For optimum coating results, the product and process must be perfectly matched against the background of individual component requirements.

PFINDER Digital Engineering

Cost minimization through simulation

Digital Engineering carries out digital simulations of fully and semi-automated application processes for cavity preservation. The coating quality of cavity preservation can already be assured in early project phases and thus contribute to cost minimization.

PFINDER Application Engineering

Process and consumption optimization on site

Application Engineering provides support in all matters relating to the application of our products. This includes the optimization of wax processes for the start of series production as well as for production lines already in operation.

Aqueous systems
Aqueous systems
  • Can be applied at room temperature / cold application
  • physically drying
  • VOC-free
  • No explosion protection
  • High temperature resistance up to 110°C
  • High sustainability
100% Systeme
100% Systeme
  • Solvent: None
  • Application temperature 20°C + 60°C Drop-Stop
  • chemically drying
  • High coverage
  • Process-safe
  • drop-stop effect
  • low dripping
Solvent-based systems
Solvent-based systems
  • Solvent: included
  • Application temperature: room temperature
  • physically/chemically drying
  • Universal
  • simple application
  • VOC content < 20 %
  • Large-volume applications
Flood wax systems
Flood wax systems
  • Solvent: None
  • Hot application (100-125°C)
  • Physically drying
  • Process-safe
  • Surface coating
  • Platform strategies

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world rely on PFINDER's expertise

Car manufacturers and other mobility experts of all brands rely on PFINDER's proven products to protect surfaces and values alike. For more than 130 years, the traditional Swabian company has been equipping premium brands such as Mercedes and Audi as well as many other classic manufacturers. Around 20 million new vehicles are protected with PFINDER solutions every year.

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PFINDER corrosion protection solutions for electromobility

When it comes to cavity sealing and surface protection, up-and-coming suppliers, battery manufacturers and producers of electric cars are now relying on PFINDER as a reliable partner. New components such as electric mobility components, for example battery boxes and electric drives, need to be protected from stone chipping, dirt and moisture just as much as the components of vehicles powered by combustion engines.

PFINDER is equipped to support its customers internationally. With locations locations in China and Mexico, deployment times are shorter and the usual service can be provided worldwide.

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