Magnetic particle testing

What is the magnetic particle testing?

Magnetic particle testing, also known as fluxing, is a surface inspection method of non-destructive material testing in which defects in the material surface are displayed by using a magnetic field.

The advantages of magnetic particle testing:

  • Fast and reliable: defects are immediately visible
  • Very sensitive: detection of the finest surface defects
  • Flexible application: Almost independent of the shape, size, surface roughness and condition of the workpiece to be inspected
  • Stationary and mobile application

PFINDER has combined decades of experience with the latest findings to develop a wide range of products.

The magnetic particle testing process

In this testing method, a ferromagnetic component is magnetized with the aid of generally artificially generated magnetic fields. During the magnetization process, the component is simultaneously rinsed with a testing medium for magnetic particle testing. The magnetic powder contained in the test medium accumulates at surface faults that are open to the surface. Due to the colour contrast between the magnetic powder and the component surface, surface faults are made visible and can be documented.

In magnetic particle testing, a ferromagnetic component is magnetized using mostly artificially generated magnetic fields. During the magnetization, the component is simultaneously rinsed with magnetic particles (usually suspended in a carrier liquid). The magnetic particles accumulate on surface defects that are open to the surface (due to the created magnetic leakage flux).

Due to the color contrast between magnetic powder and component surface, the surface defects become visible and can be documented. It is considered a highly reliable process in specialist circles. In the case of large workpieces where complete magnetization is not possible, only the part to be tested is magnetized.

Magnetic particle testing has two basic visualisation methods: It can be carried out in daylight or in the dark – using fluorescent magnetic particles.

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Method magnetic particle inspection
Method magnetic particle inspection

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