Corrosion protection of joints

Force-fit and form-fit joints are of great importance in automotive engineering, especially in mixed construction, but are susceptible to corrosion and must therefore be protected against moisture at the contact points.


  • Corrosion protection layer/priming/passivation is destroyed by mechanical processing and joining techniques such as screws, rivets, bolts.
  • Joints work through thermal expansion which can additionally lead to the destruction of the anti-corrosion coating.
  • Gaps can form
  • Possible multi-material mix also promotes contact corrosion


  • Application of air-drying waxy anti-corrosion coating with high long-term flexibility.
  • Creation of a barrier between water and base material (barrier effect)
  • Barrier effect against aggressive media prevents corrosion at the joint
  • The material is flexible under thermal and mechanical strain
  • If necessary, easy to remove with appropriate cleaners
Damaged and corroded underbody
Damaged and corroded underbody

Precise and true-to-contour wax application due to pulse technology


  • Universal long-term corrosion protection
  • Part function is guaranteed and thus component functionality and safety
  • Joints can be easily opened and material residues easily removed (reparability)
Damaged and corroded underbody
Damaged and corroded underbody

Barrier protection for screw connections

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