Digital Engineering

PFINDER Digital Engineering is the digital simulation of fully automated cavity preservation application processes.

Our simulation department can secure the application of cavity preservation at an early stage of development, based on 3D CAD design data - with a so-called cavity preservation simulation.

The advantages of digital simulation

  • The knowledge about material and wax application leads to an optimal process design and minimizes the personnel expenditure for coordination rounds.
  • Simulations can be used to represent a wide range of application variants without risk and thus determine the optimum waxing process. This leads to the best possible results in wax coating.
  • The targeted design of the nozzle heads avoids overspray and dripping, thus reducing material and cleaning costs.

  • A feasibility study in the early stages of development using CAD data can identify any necessary design changes before data freeze, thereby reducing process costs.

Our services

Feasibility analysis
Process optimisation
Technical center

With the cavity preservation simulation we have developed, we can virtually examine individual components right through to the entire vehicle at an early stage of development using 3D CAD data. Particularly in the case of complex components and geometries, the simulation provides important insights into whether a desired coating can even be achieved on the basis of the cavity geometry and what coating result can be expected.


One of the most important components of wax application in vehicles is the nozzles used. These must be designed in such a way that all areas to be protected are reached and as little overspray or contamination as possible is produced.

By using simulation, we can optimize these nozzles during development to achieve high coating quality with minimal material input and contamination.

Benefit from ordering your nozzles directly from us. We can map the complete manufacturing process from the simulation-based design of the nozzles to the finished nozzle.


The HRK simulation is based on a CFD / flow simulation of the entire application process. In addition to the simulation of the wax application, this also includes other process steps, such as the heating of the car body by an oven or infrared radiation or the propagation of emissions within the entire vehicle. We are also developing methods to better describe fundamental issues, such as the internal flow of nozzles. Successful implementation would then have an additional positive impact on calculation quality.

In the course of the simulation, we can take into account all process parameters such as times, tilt angle and direction, temperatures, application pressure, etc.. This enables us to map your entire waxing process.

For the optimum coating result, the correct design of the nozzles, the distribution of the material in the component and the consideration of the material properties are decisive - our HRK simulation takes all three factors into account. We can use existing nozzle data, optimize it if necessary, or develop new ones for you.


Our simulation can check and safeguard corrosion protection and optimize coating quality for planned or existing production processes. By digitally mapping all process parameters, a wide variety of application variants can be simulated very easily and quickly, and the optimum line setting can be determined.

Coating issues such as overspray, overcoating, undercoating or dripping can be easily and quickly checked in our simulation. Overspray is defined as the spray mist generated during the application of material outside the component or area to be applied. If the overspray is deposited on surfaces that should be as clean as possible for further processing, these may have to be cleaned at great expense. Our simulations enable us to identify the causes of the troublesome overspray and to reduce or even completely avoid it by specifically designing the nozzle heads. Contamination due to cavity preservation is caused, for example, by excessive dripping from the car body. We can investigate the causes of dripping with the aid of our HRK simulation and derive possibilities for avoiding or reducing it.


Both in the area of material and material handling, as well as with regard to wax-compatible construction, we are available to you as a competent partner. We train you and your employees.


Is the hole geometry optimally selected? Can all areas to be coated be reached with the planned process? Our many years of experience in simulation and die design, combined with material know-how, make it easier for us to design designs that are suitable for waxing. Our calculations can show possible solutions for the evaluation of existing geometries as well as for new developments.


Often the purely theoretical calculations are not sufficient for a successful realization of projects. To carry out feasibility studies, pilot projects and preliminary tests, it is possible to use the in-house technical center, which is equipped with various application systems. The coating of partial bodies and components can be realized under realistic conditions.

More interesting facts on YouTube

On our YouTube channel you will find informative videos about corrosion protection, our engineering services or application examples.

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